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Information for In-Person Students


Summer Band went really well and  I’m very pleased with everything that we were able to accomplish.  Now that classes are getting started we will be able to improve more quickly on the music side.  Now that you have your first set of Coordinates for the Opener it is your responsibility to learn your sets before Thursday’s evening Rehearsal.
Here are a few things for everyone to know about this week:

School Procedures for Band

1. Before School

Come to the Band Hall when allowed to drop off Band items in your Locker. If you have 1st period Band you can stay in the Band Hall.

Other Students will need to go to a common assembly area.

2. Band Class

Come into the Band Hall through your Assigned Door (we’ll explain). Mask will be on the entire time you are not playing your instrument. Go to your locker and bring your instrument with case, folder and backpack straight to your seat.  Nothing stays in the Locker Room for now.  

When in  the locker room stay as separated as you can and move quickly.  We have pre-assigned lockers to spread you out in each class period. You will always go to the same assigned seat. When class is over we will give you time to put everything back in your locker and we will return to our seats for now to dismiss without  clumping up at the doors.

3. After School

You will be allowed to swing by the Band Hall if needed to drop  things off, grab your instrument, etc.  Always  remember to wear your mask when not practicing and do not stand or sit within 6ft of each other when just socializing.

If we have an Evening Rehearsal, you will need to take everything home with you after school.

4. Evening Rehearsals

On the days that we have evening rehearsals, things will look very similar to Summer Band.  There will be very limited access to the School Building. You will bring your instrument, music, full water jug, etc. from home and back home again after the rehearsal. Restrooms will be used on an emergency only basis and one student at a time just like Summer Band. 

You are expected to be aware of and report any COVID-19 symptoms or exposure to others with symptoms as you come back to rehearsal. 

Once again, if you were in school all day, I would suggest showering and changing clothes before coming to rehearsal, and then again when you get home after rehearsal.  Be very diligent in hand washing and preventing germ transfer to yourself and others right now.

5. Mr. Dixon has uploaded all of our current music to the Summer Band Schoology Group so you have access to what you should begin practicing.  As school begins we will be transferring resources and assignments over to the appropriate class based courses.

Virtual Registration


If you have not done virtual registration please click this link and complete the registration.  

we need you

Procedure for absences

Students who need to miss a rehearsal outside of school time or other required Band events need to click on this link and fill out the information, this will help us keep track of everyone.  Once the form is filled out, it will be put on a calendar that the Directors can view and we will respond to your request.  

Please make every arrangement to not have conflicts with our evening rehearsals.  Our time together is already very limited.  Either way, please communicate ahead of time.

Information for Virtual Students

Class Starts This Week!

Our goal is to keep many of the playing assignments and assessments the same for you as it is for the In Person Band Members.  Most of this will be communicated through the Schoology Band Course.  Please email us if you are having trouble finding the Daily assignments or expectations.  Remember that your attendance record will be tied to you accessing our daily folders in  Schoology.  

Zoom Meeting

Mr. Dixon  is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Meeting ID: 943 3278 5261

Passcode: CougarBand


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Who do I contact with Questions?

Check with your Section Leaders First!  And then . . .


Jon Seale, Head Band Director
Marching Band
Wind Ensemble
Jazz Ensemble


Michael Dixon, Assistant Band Director
Marching Band
Symphonic Band
Concert Band


Jessica Delgado, Guard Director


From the College Station Cougar Band Boosters (CSCBB):

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Spirit Shop Order Deadline is approaching

Online Spirit Shop orders are due by August 23rd.  Visit the shop today!

Next Booster Meeting

We usually meet the second Tuesday of each Month, but the next one is TBD currently. Current District guidelines only allow for Virtual Meetings.


March-a-thon will look a little different this year, like most things!  Click here to learn more from Markus Nimocks our Fundraising Chair.  March-a-thon Video

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Band Registration has gone very well, but if you haven’t completed it yet online go to: https://cshsbandandguard.com/2020-2021-virtual-registration/