Private Clarinet/Bass Clarinet Instructors

Marla Goodwin

Marla Goodwin is a Professional Woodwind Doubler and Intermediate Music Teacher in College Station. Marla completed her Bachelor of Science in Music Education and Texas A&M University-Commerce in 2009. She has been living, teaching, and performing in the BCS area for 6 years. She has performed at many places in town including The Theatre Company, local restaurants and churches, and for the OPAS concert “Phantoms of the Opera” by Neil Berg. Marla specializes in woodwind instruments, especially clarinet, oboe, and saxophone and has taught private lessons on those instruments for 10 years. Marla has studied with professional oboists Ceci Lagarenne and Dr. John Goodall, both of whom were students of John Mack. She has also had the privilege of studying with professional clarinetists Dr. Mary Druhan and Dr. Christopher Ayer.

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Benjamin Griffin

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