Friday, Oct. 18

Load front ensemble and props during the home game. Can load all instruments on the semi trailer after the game.

Saturday, Oct. 19

8:45 am Band hall opens

9:00 am Arrive at CSHS to collect uniform, hat box, etc.

9:30 am Visual run in the practice lot in show shirt

10:15 am Inspection and load buses

10:45 am Depart CSHS

12:45 am Arrive at Midway High School in Waco. Restrooms, eat Booster-provided lunch (Bush’s Chicken), unload semi

1:30 pm Get into uniform

2:00 pm Official warm-up time

2:30 pm Move to perform

2:45 pm Official performance time

3:00 pm After clearing the field, stay off to the side as they announce 5A results

3:15 pm Change, use restrooms, load instruments

4:00 pm Load buses and depart from Midway HS

6:00 pm Arrive at CSHS and unload