Updates & Announcements

The Marchathon Performances at HEB Towerpoint and the Hot Dog Howdy Performance in our Competition Gym were amazing! Your skills as musicians are growing so quickly. 

Special Thank You to the Band Boosters involved in all of the planning and everything it took to set up everything for us. Mr. Dixon and I appreciate you so much. Seniors: we are allowing you to miss our Friday morning rehearsal this week because of the Senior Sunrise. If you go, you are responsible for using the UDB App to learn the sets that you will miss by our next rehearsal Monday morning. If you are not going to SS then we need you at

Rehearsal. Our First Memorization Pass Offs will be due at the end of this week. Thank you all for everything you do to make this the Mighty Cougar Band!

–Mr. Seale

Cross Town Band Party

The Cougar Band and the Tiger Band will meet at CSHS for a Band Party this Saturday, August 17 from 10:00 AM – Noon. There will be three giant inflatables for students to use including a giant water slide. This is going to be a great time to celebrate the start of school and the end of Summer Band. This is an optional event; just for fun. Attendance is not required.

Importance of Attendance

As we begin to wrap up Summer Band here are a few important reminders about the importance of your ttendance in our rehearsals. Every individual is so important to each rehearsal. Anytime even one student misses; the entire ensemble does not move forward as far as it would with everyone there. The marching band activity is a giant machine with so many moving parts, and every part, large or small, is critical to all of our Success. We know that sometimes a conflict is unavoidable and a student will miss one of our rehearsals. Please communicate early and as soon as possible. We ask for at least 2 weeks notice by email for it to be considered an excused absence. Games and Contests are a required concert performance and the entire group is affected when there is a hole in a section. As school begins and you are scheduling Tutorials or other Appointments, start by trying to line them up on one of your free afternoons.

From the Cougar Band Boosters:

Be sure to join the Cougar Band & Guard Boosters private Facebook Group!


Fundraiser Information

Even though Hotdog Howdy and the March a Thon Performance is over, the fundraiser still continues and we need everyone to participate to reach our goal of $35,000! Please read the very IMPORTANT UPDATE letter at this LINK. If you have any questions on March-AThon, contact Markus Nimocks (mn@nimocks.com, 979-777-4888). On Saturday, we were at around $15,000 raised!


Guard backpacks and band duffel bags have been distributed. We are considering opening a new order for band duffel bags for those who missed the initial order. We have to meet a minimum of 12 bags in order for this to happen. If you are interested in ordering a band duffel bag, please contact Laura Kurk ASAP at laurackurk@gmail.com or text me at (832) 577-6332. If you know of families who are interested in bags, please make sure they see this information. If we do not have enough interest to meet our minimum, we will not be able to place a second order.

Other items should be available for distribution this week. My hope is to pass items out to students after rehearsal Monday/Tuesday evenings. If you have any questions, please contact me at laurackurk@gmail.com.

We are doing ONE MORE order of Cougar Band T-Shirts in case you missed out on the spirit shop! They are Unisex and the design is below. You can choose the back to be plain, or have “Props Crew” or “Chaperone”. Price is $15 for Small-XL or $17   for 2XL or 3XL. Email Markus Nimocks if interested at mn@nimocks.com.


Who do I contact with Questions?

Jon Seale, Head Director, jseale@csisd.org

Michael Dixon, Assistant Director, mdixon@csisd.org

Jessica Delgado, Guard Director, jdelgado@csisd.org