I hope you’re all having a great summer break! Here is a quick newsletter to keep you all informed and up-to-date with the College Station High School Band & Guard program this summer. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are very excited about next year! This coming year will be the largest band we have had so far–220 students as of right now!

Please take a look at the Summer Band schedule for July and August, and note some changes that were made due to CSISD staff development days. Also take a look at the 2019 Cougar football schedule to get an idea of when we perform at home, and when we perform at away games. Finally, take a look at our marching contest schedule for 2019 so you will be aware of which Saturdays we will be traveling to contests this fall.

All students are required to have a physical exam done for each academic year if they participate in Athletics or Band. Please have your physical exam completed before the start of summer band. You will turn in your physical exam form at summer band registration. A UIL physical form can be taken to your doctor’s office for them to complete.

Please take a look at this Powerpoint presentation that was presented in February. Here you’ll find helpful information about our next marching season, including an explanation of marching band spot assignments and student roles, and an overview of the different groups that make up the Cougar Band & Guard. The presentation also gives a breakdown of student band fees (the College Station High School Assessment Fee).

Make special note of the following:

  1. Our marching contest schedule has had a minor adjustment. We have added a contest on September 28, and removed a contest on October 12.
  2. On October 15, we will be hosting a CSISD Band Showcase. This is an opportunity for the Cougar Band and the A&M Consolidated Tiger Band to come together and perform our shows for each other and the community. This will be a super fun event for all!
  3. Our morning rehearsal schedule is correct in the Powerpoint presentation. We have decided against putting all band students together in first period. Again, what you see in the attached presentation is correct.
  4. Please review the summer band schedule. We have made a few minor adjustments due to CSISD staff development obligations.

Note: Marching Music and Audio is on the way! Be on the lookout for marching show music and audio very soon! We will send an email when thing are ready for download.

Marching Audition Video–Please follow this link for a quick demo of the marching audition we will be doing the first week of Summer Band. For our new students, we will go over this in detail on July 25th and 26th.

Finally, please contact one of us with any questions.

Jon Seale, Head Band Director at jseale@csisd.org.

Jessica Delgado, Color Guard Director, at jdelgado@csisd.org.