Summer Band Info and Announcements

Information on upcoming events
I hope your summer is going great and you are getting a chance to travel, rest and recharge for this next year.  We are very excited for the upcoming competition season!  With that being said, pay close attention to all of our upcoming events and make all arrangements to be at all upcoming rehearsals and performances.  We have a goal to qualify for the UIL State Marching Contest and that can only happen when we all put in the time and effort that it takes to get there.  Many of our students were able to get new jobs or take on new commitments last year because of the pandemic rehearsal schedule, but this year will be back to our normal set of rehearsals and performances!  I am certainly not saying that you need to quit your jobs, but be ready to communicate your Band and School Schedule well ahead of time, because they will not be excused absences.  We have put a lot of effort into getting the year sketched out on the Band Calendar on our Website so you should have plenty of time to make all of your commitments with proper planning and communication.  I can’t wait to see you all soon! 
– Mr. Seale

Student Physicals

All students are required to get a physical for the 2021-2022 school year.  Once you have completed the physical it will need to be uploaded into the PlanetHS system.  Students must complete and turn in the physical before they arrive to camp per UIL rules.

New Users for Planet HS Click Here

Existing Users for Planet HS Click Here

Link to Physical Form

New Marcher Camps – July 22 & 23  

This is for all Incoming Freshman and New Marchers.  The camps will run from 1:00 to 4:00, meet in the band hall and we will be marching in the gym due to the heat.  Upon arrival you will receive your brand new CSHS Band and Guard – 1 gallon water jug!  You will be required to  bring this jug  to every rehearsal so you can hydrate.  Drinking enough water is a key ingredient to being successful in marching band.

Leadership and Service Team (L&ST) Training & WorkDays –
July 19-23

  • July 19 & 20 members of the L&ST will meet at A&M Consolidated HS Band Hall and learn more about teamwork and what it means to be a Leader.  Please wear athletic clothes and be prepared to move around and march. 
  • July 21 we will have  a work day at CSHS to prepare for the upcoming new marchers and Summer Band.
  • July 22 & 23 we will be working in the morning and teaching in the afternoon. 

Color Guard and Percussion Camp #2 – July 21 to 23

From 8:00 to 11:30 and 1:00 to 4:00, the Color Guard and Percussion will meet for Camp #2.  

Band Registration Days – July 22 & 23

Here is what you can expect:

  • Students and Parents will be visiting various stations to get information from the Band Boosters, try-on shoes, get measured for the band uniform, turn-in physical forms, get any supplies they might need from Thorn Music etc. and pay band fees.  
  • There will be a form and checklist to help you complete the process. 
  • Mr. Seale, Mr. Dixon, Mrs. Nolen and Boosters will be available if you have any questions for us.
  • The whole process should take about an hour.
  • There will be two different registration nights, both listed on the band calendar.  If you can’t make either one, prior arrangements need to be made to take care of these important items. 

Summer Band for All begins July 26

All remaining students will meet and begin summer band marching camps.  Bring your CSHS Band water jug, sunglasses, sunscreen, wear athletic clothes and be prepared to be outside during the morning.  Late mornings and afternoons will be spent inside learning music.  This is such a critical time for the band, we will accomplish up to 8 weeks of school time in a 2 week span and attendance is paramount for student success.  Even missing one day of summer band is like missing a week of band class.

What does a typical Day of Summer Band look like?

8:00AM – Marching fundamentals and Rehearsal (Outdoors)  

10:30 – Usually Transition to a large group sectional inside

11:45 – Break for Lunch – You can bring your own and stay at school, or run out and grab something.  Be safe and don’t ride with someone that your parents haven’t approved.

1:00PM – Small Group Sectionals inside

3:00PM – Full Band Inside

4:00PM – Done.  See you tomorrow.  Check GroupMe messages for possible Band Social Activities.

Tips for Getting Ready for Summer Band

Time to get outside!  Check out these tips from UIL to help you prepare for summer band.  It is amazing how much even 20 minutes of walking outside a day will help you get ready.  It’s hot and will continue to be hot. This is an outdoor performance activity so in order for us to be successful, we all need to be in proper shape.  Start drinking more water than any other liquid every day to get properly hydrated.   Additionally, here is a LINK to some very dependable reusable ear plugs (not required, but very highly recommended).  Finally, check our Schoology page and come prepared to play as much of the Marching Music as possible.

March-a-Thon and Hotdog Howdy Performances

August 7th is very important because it is our very first performance of the new season to show friends and family how much we have learned throughout the first couple weeks of Summer Band.  There are two parts to this day.  First, we will perform Stand Tunes and Cadences over at HEB Tower Point as a Community Performance to help raise awareness for the March-A-Thon Fundraiser.  Then secondly, we will all return to CSHS Main Gym to begin preparing for a Friends and Family Showcase followed by eating lunch together in the Cafeteria.

Summer Band Calendar Snapshot

MonthDateDayTimeEventWho Does it Affect
July19Monday9:00 – 4:00SASI Camp at ConsolLeadership Team
July20Tuesday9:00 – 4:00SASI Camp at ConsolLeadership Team
July21Wednesday8:00 – 4:00RehearsalDrumline & Color Guard
21Wednesday9:00 – 3:30WorkdayLeadership Team
July22Thursday8:00 – 4:00RehearsalDrumline & Color Guard
22Thursday9:00 – 11:30Practice/WorkdayLeadership Team
22Thursday1:00 – 4:00Fundamentals Camp 3Freshman and New Marchers
22Thursday4:00 – 6:00Band Registration Day Option 1All
July23Friday8:00 – 4:00RehearsalDrumline & Color Guard
23Friday9:00 – 11:30Practice/WorkdayLeadership Team
23Friday1:00 – 4:00Fundamentals Camp 3Freshman and New Marchers
23Friday4:00 – 6:00Band Registration Day Option 2All
July26-29Mon-Thurs8:00 – 4:00Summer BandAll
July30Friday8:00 – 12:00Summer BandAll
August2-5Mon-Thurs8:00 – 4:00Summer BandAll
August6Friday8:00 – 12:00Summer BandAll
August7Saturday8:00 – 2pmHotdog Howdy and March-a-Thon PerformancesAll
August9Monday6:00-8:30Evening RehearsalAll
August10Tuesday4:15 – 5:45Afternoon RehearsalAll
August11Wednesday6:45 – 8amMorning RehearsalAll
August12Thursday6:45 – 8amMorning RehearsalAll
August13FridayNO RehearsalAll
August14Saturday7:30-9:00 pmAdamson Lagoon Pool PartyAll
August17Tuesday4:15 – 5:45Afternoon RehearsalAll

Marching Audition Video

Please follow this link for a quick demo of the marching audition we will be doing the first week of Summer Band.  For new students, we will go over this in detail on July 22nd and 23rd.  Auditions will be due on July 30th.  We will be using these auditions to help us set the Varsity and Non-Varsity Marching positions and filling out the Cast Sheet for
Emotions of the Heart 2021                Marching Audition Video Link

Parents: Join Remind 101 for Band Updates
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CSHS Band Parents – Class of 2021: @cshsbp2021 to 81010

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Who do I contact with Questions?

Check with your Section Leaders First!  And then…… 

Jon Seale

Head Band Director
Marching Band
Wind Ensemble
Jazz Ensemble

Michael Dixon

Assistant Band Director
Marching Band
Symphonic Band
Concert Band

Lora Nolen

Guard Director
Marching Band
Color Guard
Winter Guard

From the Cougar Band Boosters:

Be sure to join the Cougar Band & Guard Boosters private Facebook Group!
Instagram: @cougarbandandguardboosters
Twitter: @cshsbands  (College Station HS Band & Guard)

Cougar Band Uniform Shop:
We implemented a new process this year to gather sizes for our band and guard members. Please click on the link below to input your shirt and short sizes (these are mandatory items and included in the general fees). Make sure to put your student’s name in the customer field so that we know who has responded (you will need to complete the process for each student separately).  The store closes at 11:59pm on July 12th.


Also, we need volunteers who may not want to take on a leadership role, but are ready to work with a committee to accomplish the important work of the board. If you’d like to discuss getting involved with a committee, please email or get in touch with any of the board members listed on our website.

All parents/guardians of band and guard students are automatic members of the College Station Cougar Band Boosters (CSCBB), and we promise you’ll have a lot of fun serving an incredible group of students and directors! 

Uniform Room Needs a few Hands:
We need volunteers to help get our members in their correct uniforms. Click on the following link to find a time slot to help out:!/showSignUp/60b0945abac2da75-cshs


Photos of the band (past and present) are available through the website, or at  The site is now password-protected, and the password is boomsauceon3.  If you have pictures to contribute, feel free to share them (high-resolution images) with  We’d love to show off your work!

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