Bring money for Buccees!

Don’t forget you will need long black socks, band shoes, gloves, gauntlets, hat, hat wrap, and WATER JUG

Friday Morning

6:50 am Stadium Rehearsal

8:00 am Front Ensemble push to Semi

2:00 pm All band students come to the Band Hall for 6th period to finish loading

3:00 pm Departure from CSHS. Buccees stop along the way for restroom break

6:30 pm Arrive to stadium. Eat dinner provided by the Boosters

6:50 pm Unload and finish getting into uniforms

7:10 pm In stands for school song

7:30 pm Game starts

8:45 pm Approximate time for halftime

10:30 pm Game ends. Load. Use restrooms at stadium

11:00 pm Depart for College Station

2:00 am Arrive at CSHS. Turn in uniforms and unload.

Parents, please be ready to pick up your kids on time. We always have at least a couple of students that cause us to wait with them long after everyone else is gone.

We will send out an approximate arrival update on Remind 101 and Facebook.