CSHS Homecoming and Middle School Band Night Itinerary and Call Time

5:30 8th graders eat pizza in the cafeteria

5:45 Inspection in the band hall. Be in full uniform

6:00 Run through a few stand tunes with 8th graders in the band hall (High Hopes / Hand Clap)

6:25 Line up in parade block and march over

6:45 Warm up on track

7:00 Prepgame contest show performance for 8th graders and audience

7:15 Stay on the track to play school fight song and kick off cadence

7:30 Game starts – Move into our stands

8:45 Halftime performance with 8th graders – Concert block for High Hopes. Immediately after High Hopes, move into Homecoming block to perform for HoCo festivities.

8th graders – move off the field with MS directors and back into stands, or home with parents.

We will perform our ballad over and over again. Winds only. No percussion.

10:30 Approximate time for end of game. Parade back over to band hall. Hang up uniforms correctly and check-in with Mrs. Schatz.

Need to have the following for Inspection:

Instrument, flip folder, lyre, long black socks, black marching shoes, bibber, jacket, hat box with wrap, gauntlets, WATER JUG.

No plumes for this game.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you let your ride know when to pick you up after the game. Don’t be the one that makes us wait for you to be picked up after everyone has left. We want to go home, too.


We have a very fortunate situation this year in that we will be hosting about 70 8th grade students joining us this Friday night for the MS Band night and Homecoming. In order to keep all band students together in the stands, we are unfortunately going to need the extra space in the bleachers that many of you normally sit in (above the Strutters). Normally, we have been able to stretch down onto the track, but we are not going to do that this year so we can be out of the way of Homecoming Court Festivities. If you normally sit in that section at football games, please find a new seat for the 1st two quarters. After halftime, the 8th graders will go home and we will return to our normal seating arrangements. 

Thank you for your amazing support!