Updates & Announcements

See the This Week at a Glance Schedule above.

1. Whew! Our first performance is under our Belt. You did such a great job being flexible with our seating in the stands, dealing with the Heat and Performing so well for the Home Crowd of Richmond Foster. I’m not fond of Thursday night games, but I sure did like having Friday night off for this big weekend! Next week is our BYE Week for FB, so My biggest goal for us is to push out Movement 2 and continue to clean Movement 1. Please come prepared to work hard Tuesday Morning.

2. USBands – Madisonville is 1 Month Away (Sept. 28th)

Our first chance to perform our show at the Contest Level is at the Madisonville USBands Contest; and it is rapidly approaching. Continue working hard and pushing yourself by reviewing your sets and knowing your music. I can’t wait to perform for our first Contest Audience and Judges. When I hear from the Contest Organizers I will send out an estimated schedule for that day.

3. Important Reminder for your Calendars:

In order to get more rehearsal time in our Football Stadium as we prepare for the MB Contests, beginning the Week of September 23rd we will have a shift in our outside of school rehearsal scheduling. You can see the details on the Band Calendar shown on our website. As you can see we are still under our 8 Hour Limit.

New Procedure for Absences

Students who need to miss a rehearsal need to click on this link and fill out the information, this will help us keep track of the students. Once the form is filled out, it will be put on a calendar the directors can view. There are so many students it is hard to keep track of them all, this will help us a great deal. Please click here to add an absence for the marching season.

Next Pass off coming Soon!

The second half of Part 2 was due on Friday Night the 30th and the first Pass Off for the Closer will be due Sunday Night, September the 8th. That will give us only 1 section left to finish memorizing the show. All recorded assignments are due in Schoology. Please log into Schoology for the specific measure numbers for the next assignments. If you have any questions, please contact the Director of your class.

Who do I contact with Questions?

Jon Seale, Head Director, jseale@csisd.org

Michael Dixon, Assistant Director, mdixon@csisd.org

Jessica Delgado, Guard Director, jdelgado@csisd.org


From the Cougar Band Boosters:

Be sure to join the Cougar Band & Guard Boosters private Facebook Group!


Website News:

We have just finished creating photo albums for the website that contain galleries for each year in Cougar Band & Guard history (2012 through today). The galleries can be found here. We invite you to browse through the evolution of Boomsauce!

Also, parents, do you have a DSLR camera that you use to regularly take pictures of the Cougar Band and Guard? If so, we are always looking for high quality, high resolution images to add to our photo library. If you would like to be a contributor, email Laura Kurk for more information at laurackurk@gmail.com. We’d love to show off your work!