Berton A. Yates Stadium

1304 N. Campbell St., Willis, TX 


Friday morning

6:50 am – Stadium rehearsal

8:00 am – Front ensemble push to Semi and load

Friday afternoon/Evening

3:00 pm All band students come to the band hall for 7th period for inspection.

4:00 pm Dinner in bibbers (La Familia fajita beef and chicken tacos provided by the Boosters)

4:40 pm Load

5:00 pm Departure from CSHS

6:45 pm Arrive at stadium. Unload and finish getting into uniforms

7:00 pm Get in stands for school song

7:30 pm Game starts

8:45 pm Approximate time for halftime

9:00 pm Play the fight song for the team and then begin loading

9:15 pm Finish loading and head home early to rest.

11:30 pm Arrive at CSHS. Do not unload.

We need to rest Friday night. This is not the time to stay up all night or make poor decisions the night before Area. Parents, please help us with this.

Also, parents, be ready to pick up your kids on time. We always have at least a couple students that cause us to wait with them long after everyone else is gone. We will send out approximate arrival updates on Remind 101 and Facebook.