Good afternoon everyone!

Our first game next week will be in our Warm Weather Uniform.  What is that?  I’m glad you asked…

  • Purple Cougar Band Shirt, Black Athletic Shorts, Long Black Socks, Black Marching Band Shoes, 

We will be providing you with Dinner before the game, and a Gatorade and snack after halftime.

You need to bring your Water Jug, plus everything you need to perform (instrument, Flip Folder, Warm Weather Uniform, etc.)

Here is the Timeline and details for our first Football Game, next Thursday on the 29th.

All Band Students will come to the Band Hall for 6th period to change and finish Loading equipment.  You will be excused from the end of the day.

3:00 – Departure from CSHS on Buses.

4:20 – Arrive at Legacy Stadium in Katy.

4:30 – Finish Eating, Use Restrooms and Unload the Semi.

5:15 – Parade Block to get into our seats.

5:30 – Be in Place and ready for Warm Ups/School Song/Beginning of the Game

6:00 – Game Starts

7:30 – Approximate Half Time Performance

9:00 – Game is over, Reload and Get back on Buses

10:30 – Buccees Stop on the way Home

11:30 – Arrive at CSHS and Unload (Everybody helps)

No Morning Reheasal Friday Morning (8-30-19) after the game.



Who do I contact with Questions?

Jon Seale, Head Director,

Michael Dixon, Assistant Director,

Jessica Delgado, Guard Director,