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Learn About Cougar Band Uniforms

Important Information about Our Marching Uniforms


Our Cougar Band marching uniforms are an important part of who we are as an organization. Our uniform committee takes great care to keep our uniforms looking perfect.

Our uniforms include the following parts:

  • An assigned jacket that zips in the back
  • An assigned all-black bib that zips in the front
  • Assigned arm gauntlets for most students (depending on instrument section)
  • An assigned hat that includes a velcroed wrap (depending on instrument section)
  • Black gloves (required band purchase for most students – we recommend having 3 pairs)
  • Black marching shoes (required band purchase – these can be worn for as long as they fit)
  • Long black socks (required personal purchase – we recommend having several extra pairs)
  • Black athletic shorts for hot weather uniform (required band purchase)

Band Booster volunteers will measure each student and assign uniforms during summer band. Each student is personally fitted in a uniform and length adjustments are made at that time. The uniforms are scanned so that we have a record of what is checked out to each student.

Every uniform is kept in a labeled uniform bag that we provide and hung alphabetically on racks in our uniform room. Our hats are put into labeled hat boxes that we provide that sit underneath each uniform.

Uniform Procedures for Home Games


Before each home game, students get their uniform bags and hat boxes from the uniform room. They change into their full uniform (unless the directors give other instructions) for inspection.

Section leaders inspect each member of their section to make sure every student has all parts of the uniform (including gloves, black socks, marching shoes, gauntlets, and hat). Section leaders also check to make sure everyone in their section has a water jug full of water, and a music flipbook and lyre.

When the game is over, students change back into their clothes, hang their uniforms up properly and get in line for a final inspection before hanging their bag on the rack. Booster volunteers will ensure that pants are hung correctly to protect creases. Uniform volunteers check for damage or stains, and they verify that gauntlets, hat wraps, and hats are there.

Uniform Procedures for Away Games and Contests


Before each away game and marching contest, students will be told whether to change before loading buses or to change once we arrive at our destination.

When we travel, we strictly follow the guidelines of our uniform chair. Uniforms are hung properly in bags and are kept next to students on the bus. Students must pay attention to how their uniform bag is stored on the bus to make sure their uniform does not get wrinkled. After we perform, students are expected to hang their uniforms carefully and ensure that all parts of their uniform are in their bags and hat boxes. They must verify that they have the correctly assigned uniform parts by checking numbers on the jacket, bib, and hat wrap.

When we arrive home, students line up for final uniform inspection before returning their bags and hat boxes to the rack.


Other Uniform Considerations


Each student must wear compression shorts under the bib. When out of uniform, students are not allowed to wear compression shorts without shorts or pants over them.

Our directors will let students know in advance which shirt to wear under their bib. They will either wear the purple Cougar Band shirt or the show shirt.

At times, our directors approve a uniform variation depending on the temperature and weather. We have a hot weather uniform that consists of black athletic shorts and our Cougar Band shirt. When in the hot weather uniform, students will wear long black socks and their black marching shoes. On occasion, we will wear the bib without the jacket. And there are times when we do not wear hats for games.

Woodwind players will need to cut the tips of the fingers out of their gloves.

When in uniform, students are not allowed to eat anything unless it has been approved by the directors. Students may only drink water or an approved clear electrolyte drink to protect the uniform from stains. If students find a stain or some other type of damage on their uniforms, they should report it as soon as possible to a section leader, a uniform volunteer, or a chaperone.

The uniform committee is available before, during, and after games and contests to answer questions and make last minute adjustments.

Students should always keep in mind that they represent our band and our school when in uniform.

Ready to March Checklist

  • Uniform Bag with assigned jacket, bib, gauntlets, and hat wrap
  • Hat box
  • Long black socks (over the calf)
  • Black marching shoes
  • Black gloves
  • Black compression shorts for under bib
  • Uniform shirt or show shirt for under bib
  • Full Water jug
  • Hair elastics and bobby pins for longer hair (all students must secure hair under hat)
  • Music flip book and lyre
  • Instrument

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If you have questions, please contact Mr. Seale at jseale@csisd.org.