Here is an easy, free way that you can help support the Cougar Band & Guard! Please consider registering for Amazon Smile and/or Installing Amazon Assistant in your browser. By doing so, and choosing the Cougar Band as your designated charity, Amazon will contribute one half of a percent of all purchases to the Cougar Band & Guard.

Step 1 — if you are not already enrolled in Amazon Smile, sign up:

1) Go to
2) For your preferred charity, type “College Station Cougar” in the search box and then select “College Station Cougar Band Boosters Inc.”

Remember — all purchases you make are the same cost to you, but the Cougar Band gets a donation every time you shop at Amazon.

Step 2 — (Optional but recommended) — Install Amazon Assistant.

One issue with Amazon Smile is that supporters must remember to do their shopping at instead of

However, by installing the Amazon Assistant in your browser, you can enable Amazon Smile (once you are already enrolled as in step one above) in Amazon Assistant, and then anytime you use Amazon Assistant to go to Amazon, it automatically redirects you to Smile!

To install Amazon Assistant:

1) Make sure you are already registered for Amazon Smile.
2) Click the following link:
3) Then click the yellow button for “Install Now for…(your browser)” and follow the instructions.
4) When prompted on the confirmation screen to enable Amazon Smile, please do.
5) Anytime you want to shop at Amazon, click the Amazon Assistant icon in your browser bar and then either click the Amazon Smile logo or enter a search term in the search box to be transported to Amazon Smile.

Thanks for your support of the Cougar Band Boosters!